Studio Fairest - Soho, New York

Fairest is a multi-disciplinary self-thought artist. With a focus on photography and graphic design, he works with materials found on the streets of New York. He prefers to have as much control over the process as possible. From woodworking, construction, and painting to programming and electronics, as much as possible is done in-house.

Studio Fairest finds its origin in a life-altering event for the artist, Fairest. As a busy entrepreneur rushing through life, Fairest always felt the need to capture the moments that passed him by. Under everyday pressure, he never looked back at these images or wondered why these moments intrigued him till Fairest suffered a cardiac arrest on the Manhattan Bridge in New York. The moment that changed everything.

Not knowing what was wrong, he tried to make it back to his wife when after 20 minutes, he finally collapsed in the middle of a subway Station. Hundreds of people passed him by without stopping. Passing in and out of consciousness, a homeless man approached him, demanding his phone. Instead of taking all his belongings, this person started calling 911 and keeping him and his belongings safe. When after 20 minutes, the paramedics arrived, he took off, never to be seen again.

If that person had not wondered what was happening at that moment, Fairest would not be here anymore, and his work would have been lost forever. Fairest is blessed to receive a second chance to look back at all those fantastic moments he had captured over time and to discover what they meant to him and others. This is the starting point for his work and Art.

After this event, Fairest made it their mission to capture present-day images in print and artwork, so the stories behind them will be preserved for the future. Stories that would have been lost if that one person had not taken the time and courage to help a stranger.

The New York Studio and Gallery is located in the building that was host to the Studio of the Korean/American Video Artist Nam June Paik, in the middle of the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District. It is a neighborhood famous for its many artists’ lofts and upscale boutiques.