Blueprint of Resilience artwork - Studio Fairest - 2023, Soho, New York

Blueprint of Resilience

"Blueprint of Resilience" is an mixed media art installation that reflects a minimalist yet intricate vision, reminiscent of the urban fabric of New York City. Assembled from a collection of discarded circuit boards, the artwork is unified by a monochromatic color palette that echoes the stoic and timeless beauty of SoHo's cast-iron buildings. The intricate complexity of the circuitry is brought into a harmonious balance, achieving a sense of order and simplicity. This piece captures the essence of resilience through its reuse of technological components, representing the city's continuous evolution and its seamless merger of past, present, and future.
Art Medium: Mixed Media (Discarded Circuit Boards, Wood, Paint)
Size: 52.5 x 38.5 x 2.25 inch (133.35 x 97.8 x 5.7 cm)
Weight: ±±30kg (±36 lbs)