Blueprint of Resilience Artwork Study - Studio Fairest - Art - Dark

Object One

Continuing the dialogue on the aesthetics of mechanical components, this piece uncovers the artistry in the functional. Once responsible for the rise and fall of a treadmill's path, this incline motor represents the unheralded support behind personal climbs and descents, both literal and metaphorical. The piece is engulfed in a uniform matte blue, a hue that accidentally mirrors the sky's expanse and resonates with the theme of ascension. Its form—a blend of cylindrical and rectangular geometries—is a celebration of industrial design, now recast in a contemplative role. The artist’s choice to present this engine in a single color highlights the interplay of shadow and light across its surface, lending it a sculptural quality that invites introspection. The piece elevates a disregarded object to the realm of art, inviting viewers to contemplate the hidden elegance in devices that power our daily lives. It prompts us to consider the grace in utility and the silent endurance embedded in objects we often overlook.
Art Medium: Repurposed Incline Motor
Size: tbd
Weight: tbd