Blueprint of Resilience Artwork Study - Studio Fairest - Art - Dark

Object Two

A piece that speaks to the hidden beauty in everyday objects. This work of art was once the heart of a treadmill, an essential motor that powered countless journeys, yet remained unseen and unrecognized. By bringing this internal component to the forefront, challenges the observer to find elegance in the mundane. Painted in a serene matte blue, the color choice imparts a tranquil yet enigmatic presence, reflective of the motor's past life. The uniform color accentuates the smooth contours and mechanical intricacies of the design, transforming a once purely functional device into an object of contemplation and beauty. The piece stands as a testament to design and utility, repurposed with an eye for aesthetic appreciation, and encourages a dialogue about the unnoticed beauty that surrounds us.
Art Medium: Repurposed Electrical Motor
Size: tbd
Weight: tbd (heavy!)